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    It's the next generation and this time the people of the wizarding world may not be as lucky as they were the first. It's a strange thing, but when you are dreading something, and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up. This may be unstoppable, as a new devil much smarter may arise, a new group of spirits so deadly no one will shut it out alone. After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.


As you know, TMR is going to be opening this summer officially. Mary and I are working really hard to get things done as soon as possible. We have no idea where we’re going to be months from now, but I know for a fact we will never ever forget what we were. TMR is such an important place for all of us, and it harbors a lot of memories that put me to tears as you’ve seen in the past. I want to take a moment of silence for The Magic Returns Hogwarts before giving ourselves to The Magic Returns London, but mostly a time to really give Julie that thanks we often forget to give her. She birthed this place and we owe her a lot but we kept it alive, badly sometimes, but enough to still be standing today and meeting everyone and being the family we are. I just want everyone to promise no matter what we’re still going to be this family okay? And we’re going to have new additions, but nothing will ever be as great as the time I spent here with you guys and I hope you feel the same.

ANYWAY, now that the sappiness is over, since we’re opening soon we wanted to do this one last thing for you guys and everyone. There are some people who aren’t traveling over to the new TMR with us and that’s okay, we understand their reasons, but we can’t not rp with them one last time. So for a long overdue and well deserved last week as TMR, we’re going to throw another special event that everyone loves so much. Okay so there’s been a little change in date, just because there’s been excitement and I don’t want the dash to be an IC mess.

Starting tomorrow July 1st all old TMR convos will commence, so if you want to bring old characters and stuff, that’ll be great. It’s going to be set in this time, so it’s basically everybody visiting the school over the summer because they know about the event on the Fourth and they kind of miss their home anyway. Old TMR convos will go on from July 1st-July 5th so they can take part in our July event. Between Friday, July 4th to Sunday, July 13th we’re having our last (for a while maybe) TMR NEXT GENERATION WEEK. This means all old players can come back on their accounts to be on their children. To top it all off we’re making it a free dash, this means convos are not limited to Next Generation. You’re allowed to bring parents in. On the fourth and fourth only is there going to be a mix of character time periods so everyone can participate in the event. Just specify in your tags the character or time period so you don’t have people from different eras replying!

There are only three rules of the week

  • Have fun! Take this opportunity, and nobody is excluded! Include everyone and take full advantage of this week!
  • Specify in your posts what time period/etc and note that everything will be done from this main and the tmrnextgeneration main to keep the new main clean. We can’t follow any old blogs on the new main since the blogroll is the follow list.
  • Never forget. TMR will always be there to welcome you home.

All special event posts for the week will be posted on the tmrnextgeneration main. This might just be the last official post on this TMR Main guys, I’m about to cry. Any questions please ask here!

Some update notes!

  • The OOC blog on the new main has been set up, message it for a link to try it out. Right now only two people have asked so I mean, this is up to you guys.
  • Also I unfortunately can’t follow certain accounts on the new main. The follow list is the blogroll, so any old/not in use accounts can’t show up there. I can only follow accounts that are going to be characters/active, so make sure you follow with the right blogs! (:
  • If you’ve taken a look at the rules, you’ll see that when we switch over the tagging system will change. It’s mostly just spaces, so that old posts don’t filter into new ones. So “tmr announcements” will become “tmrannouncements” 


I’m so happy you guys love it as much as I do? It’s all Carol’s doing tbh, I worked her to the bone with my requests but I’m so happy with how it came out. A lot of time/work went into it and everything so yes, excited! 


So some stuff is still under construction, but some bios are posted! Look around, there’s a lot of things! The Locations page will be up soon! Masterlist hella cool!!

Also I had to make a change to the bios, so I added a traits section. Feel free to send me new traits if you don’t like the ones I tried to pick. Send any comments, suggestions, etc to the new main! I’ll be checking both plots for questions though so feel free to message here too until the opening!

Will be setting up an OOC blog and I’ll be giving out links so you guys can try it out/get used to it now!

Send me messages if you want a link! 


Ok so there’s going to be a special post some time between today and tomorrow, or this weekend. I really want to give you guys the link to something special, when I officially switch the links. It’s still under construction, but it’s pretty much 90% done. The only thing is, I still need bios from you guys, and I still have bios to write. I can’t make all the graphics, masterlist, and post them unless I have your stuff. This is important. I really hope you’re as excited as I am, and I’m getting this show on the road. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SEND IN YOUR STUFF. If you’d like to help out with bios and such, let me know! I can use all the help I can get. Also I’d really appreciate if Mary sent me a message, I have some things I want to talk about with you. 

I also want to address something with you guys. OOC BLOG. I know we’ve been so used to posting on the dash, and I love it, and it’s very us. It’s something that’s just TMR, so I’m totally fine if you guys want to continue ooc on the dashboard. I just want to ensure you keep it to a minimum, or I mean, discuss plots via inbox and what not. (I just don’t want it to overpower the ic, do not let it overpower the ic.) But, if you guys want something cleaner, and you’re okay with an OOC BLOG, we can do that too. I was thinking maybe we could have both? OOC BLOG with ability to post on the dashboard? I feel like it’s something out of my control, I want it to be something you guys are okay with. So, please message us with what you’d want! 

Anonymous asked:
is this RP active? :P

We’re under revamp right now, and we’re not taking any apps! But when everything is finished we’ll be up and ready to rumble! 

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